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Mercer helps trustees by:
  • Developing and implementing the investment strategy
  • Providing in-depth knowledge and experience of selecting the right investment managers
  • Monitoring investment managers' performance
  • Freeing trustees' time to focus on strategic pension priorities

Is your DB scheme missing opportunities?

Trustees of DB pension schemes face massive challenges:

  • Time
  • Resource
  • Expertise
  • Increasing complexity



Trustees can delegate some or all elements of their pension scheme. This enables the trustees to focus on the overall strategy and any other areas in which they feel confident or want to retain control. Meanwhile, Mercer can apply its considerable resources and expertise to implement the overall strategy on a day-to-day basis.

When you work with Mercer on an implemented consulting basis the level and scope of delegation is totally flexible and is determined by you.


  • Improved Governance - The delegation of investment decisions enables you, as trustees, to be confident that sufficient time and resource are being allocated to the oversight of your scheme. You can have full transparency and be confident that complex decisions are being taken by individuals with the appropriate knowledge and expertise.
  • Focus - Mercer can help to ensure that you are able to focus the majority of your time on setting the right investment strategy. Mercer can free you from other tasks and provide guidance, if required, during the strategy development process.
  • Efficiency - With an implemented solution, Mercer will monitor your scheme's investments on a daily basis. Investment decisions will be made on your behalf using the investment strategies that you set as the guiding principles. 
  • Greater cost certainty - An implemented solution offers greater cost certainty by providing a comprehensive service under one fee. This covers all manager selection and day-to-day monitoring costs, no matter how many manager changes are needed.


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